If you’re looking at the option of having someone else manage your warehousing and fulfillment, making a good choice for your business is a challenge. First, there are so many fulfillment options to choose from. In the digital age, while everything seems to be at your fingertips, the difficulty is that there are simply too many companies to choose from. Second, how do you know that a fulfillment company will be able to handle all of your needs? It’s far too easy for companies to publish anything that they want about their business, and there are really few ways to “fact check” websites. So how do you narrow down the list of potential companies to choose from? Take a look at the tips below.

First – Consider Location

For many, the location of the warehouse is a somewhat important factor. Whether you want to be close to your warehouse so that you can drop by and effectively manage the relationship, or if the location offers a strategic advantage such as close proximity to your suppliers or customers, location should most likely be considered. By performing local searches for warehousing and shipping companies, you’ll be able to uncover options in your target area – but be careful to check their website for the actual, physical location of the warehouse, as many of the companies you’ll find in online search results pay a lot of money to show up in the top results regardless of the location. For Simplicity Filling Systems, though we help companies across the United States, many of the local companies in the greater Miami Florida area come to us as a premier fulfillment option in southern Florida. If you can’t find good local options, or you’re not sure which area is best for your business, there are a number of resources on the web that can help you find a reputable fulfillment services company.

Second – Consider Specialization

What is meant by the specialization of the fulfillment house? Specialization refers to the concept that many fulfillment companies focus on certain product types, and because they focus on these products they become a specialist in fulfilling orders for them. For example, some companies may focus on food grade product, hazardous materials, or an abundance of other product types. At Simplicity Filling Systems, we focus on cosmetics, hair, and body care products. Because of these specializations, we can offer more customized solutions, including bottling and packaging of cosmetics products.

Third – Consider Your Customer Base

For some businesses, customers purchase from their online website, in which case an e-commerce fulfillment company is important. For others, shipping to major retailers with strict EDI and labeling requirements are necessary. While there are companies, like Simplicity Filling Systems, that can meet the needs of both direct to consumer and business customers, oftentimes fulfillment houses focus on one of these two areas. Make sure that you check out the capabilities of the options in terms of meeting the specific demands of your customers.

Fourth – Perform Your Due Diligence

Once you’ve found a set of companies that match your location, specialization, and customer base requirements, you’re ready to perform your due diligence. This process includes visiting the facility, meeting their employees, talking to their customers, demoing their software, checking their credentials, and generally “checking under the hood.” This will most likely narrow down the field of options significantly and help you make the best choice for your company.